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Equipment: Liquid Ring Pump
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Description: The universal solution for high suction, even with gas containing products. The self-priming ZEUTECH liquid ring pumps operate on the side channel principle impellers with racially arranged blades in conjunction with the hydro dynamically optimized side channels transfer the pressure energy to the medium being pumped. Very small packed sealing gaps ensure excellent suction capacities which both allow the suction pipes to be vented and also make it possible to pump products with entrain air. This optimizes the draining of residue in cleaning processes. CIP RETURN: The ZP-SP is able to eliminate the " bath tub ring" in processing tanks because the CIP solution is completely evacuated from the tank. Just one ZP-SP can remove CIP solution from 3 tanks. This eliminates the need to put a pump on a cart and move it around to each tank. CREAM UNLOADING: By installing the ZP-SP, an ice cream company can save 150 kg of cream per load, originally lost because of foaming problems with the regular centrifugal pumps. CHEESE CRUD: Pumped through an extruder, the ZP-SP Liquid ring pump d a diaphragm pump. MILK SLURRIES: The ZP-SP is used to break up powder ball during mixing and blending of various milk powders. LIQUID EGGS: The ZP-SP is used for loading and unloading liquid eggs from tanker trucks. This eliminates the loss of product due to foaming when using positive displacement pumps or standard centrifugal pumps. PUMP PERFORMANCE High suction capability both venting of suction pipe and pumping of gas containing products are possible due to the excellent suction capability at discharges pressure of up to 4.8 bar and system pressure of up to 15 bar. Kme prevents long dwell times if product residues. QUALITY Materials used is application oriented stainless steel alloys guarantee ideal condition for reliable operation. The use of solid components ensures that ZEUTECH ZP series centrifugal pumps have an extremely long service life. OPERATING PRINCIPLE Self priming Zeutech ZP-SP pumps operate on the side channel principle. Impellers with radial blades in conjunction with hydrodynamic ally optimized said channels transfer the energy to the product very narrow gaps between casing and impeller lead to, produce excellent suction capability. HIGH QUALITY MECHANICAL SHAFT SEAL Both the rotating and stationery part materials and the corresponding elastomers used are thoroughly checked for suitability for the particulars applications and for compliance with specifications and standards. OPTIMUM HYGIENE ZEUTECH ZP pumps are design show that there are no that zones and are entirely suitable for CIP/SIP. EASY MAINTENANCE ZEUTECH ZP-SP centrifugal pumps are designed to give direct access to the interior. There force allowing quick and easy ment of wear parts. ECONOMY Tailor made solution: ZEUTECH ZP-SP centrifugal pumps are specially manufactured to meet the customers need they achieve maximum levels of efficiency and can be used in many process systems. TYPICAL APPLICATION CIP Return Complete emptying of tanks Lifting products from drums and slums Texturizing sour cream (can homogenizer valves) Pumping shere sensitive product such as CREAM LIQUID EGGS, YEAST, SOUR CREAM SIZE * 5 Sizes for System pressure of 15 Bar. * Discharge pressure upto 4.8 Bar. * Flow rate upto 60 m3/hr.
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